Please excuse the group message. Also, #NotAllMen! Just those of you who’ve tried to weasel your way into a sexual conversation.

First of all, don’t send me a private message to apologize. Really. If you wonder whether I’m talking about you, don’t write me all worried and then apologize for…

Photograph by Amanda Friedman

Last December, when NBC’s Cynthia McFadden interviewed me and two other women about our experiences accusing actor Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct, she asked, “How has it felt? The three of you have been vilified.” I said, “Really? My corner of the internet has been largely supportive.”

From the moment…

The original title of this was Let’s Celebrate Abortion. Which I know I’m not supposed to say. So let me amend: Let’s celebrate the easy ones.

These kinds of abortions don’t get talked about, much less celebrated. Because apparently the first rule of pro-choice PR (and I get this, I…

Anna Graham Hunter

Brooklyn native, LA convert

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